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Product Reviews

  1. Cool  | £1.99 | 9/10
    10 MAY
    Cool | £1.99 | 9/10
    Boots Natural Collection Pressed Powder is my go-to make up product. To brush over foundation or clean skin, this powder will stop your face from looking shiny/oily (a problem I suffer from personally). Yes, I have tried other powders, but I don't see why I should spend more money on a more expensive brand, when I've found one that works perfectly for much cheaper. I'd say it's definitely a great purchase for the summer, now that it's getting a bit warmer. The only down side is that you have to apply it throughout the day if you have oiler skin like me. A strong 9 out of 10 however.
  2. 2 | £5.99 | 6/10
    1 MAY
    2 | £5.99 | 6/10
    Collection's Lasting Perfection Foundation is one of the first cruelty free products I've tried since becoming a vegetarian. I have to say, after using the same foundation for the last 5+ years (L'Ore'al), it was hard getting used to another. I struggle with combination skin, so I had to get a really nourishing moisturiser to ensure my skin didn't look dry after applying this one. Now that is nearly here I'm quite glad I picked this foundation because it has an SPF of 20. It's also oil free, so you won't look shiny and you only have to apply it once throughout the day.
  3. Black | £2.99 | 9/10
    15 MAY
    Black | £2.99 | 9/10
    I've been using Collection's Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner for as long as I can remember. I've tried many others before, both pencils and liquid versions, but honestly, none compare. I wear it both in the day time, and at night with some dark eye shadow. It's easy to apply, cheap, and once you've mastered the art of the line, I promise, you won't want to buy any other.
  4. Brunette | £3.99 | 8/10
    23 MAY
    Brunette | £3.99 | 8/10
    Collection Eyebrow Kit: I know what you are thinking. It looks complicated doesn't it? Trust me, I'm not one for contouring or anything jazzy, so don't scare away. I was given this product by my mum, who hadn't found use for it, and I I'll admit now that it sat in my draw for a while. When I eventually got round to using it, I was pleasantly surprised. It's as easy as pie (but doesn't taste as good). It's great for me because my eyebrows are ridiculous. They never sit in the right place and they are holey! Simply brush your eyebrows with the liquid and brush to get them tame, and use the sharp edge of the smaller brush to create your ideal shape. Once you're happy, go over your brows again with the liquid and brush, and voila - brows on fleek (I hate that saying). I haven't used my eyebrow pencil since.
  5. 3 in 1 blending sponge | £3.50 | 8/10
    16 NOV
    3 in 1 blending sponge | £3.50 | 8/10
    Boot’s 3 in 1 sponge blender may look funny, but it’s my new, favourite must have make up product. After giving in to the pressure, I finally got myself a 'beauty blender'. Now I can't lie and say it makes you beautiful, but it sure does help ;) It absorbs quite a bit of foundation at first I have to tell you that, but after the first few uses it works a treat. Personally, I moisturise first as this helps your makeup go on easily and smoothly. What's great about this sponge is that, not only do you get great coverage, but it's cheap and there's no more dirty hands! Usually I'm pretty stubborn when it comes to make up - I tend to stick with products I know work, but I'm glad I gave this weirdly shaped sponge a go!